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georg_vanlunden's Journal
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Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
8:22 pm
... So.

I think that it's pretty interesting. Life, I mean. Sometimes, it's just... so strange to figure out.

Up until a certain point in my life, I've never had any problems saying good-bye to anything. I could move from towns, change my class and leave friends homes perfectly on time. I never dallied, simply put things behind me and let that be that. Until I became 13 years, and ended up at a special educations classroom. In all honesty, I was most likely the one who needed it less. All the other boys there had had special arrengements from the age of ten I reckon. I most likely could have gone through with a 'normal' class and not suffered in the least. BUt I chose to change to this class, and I have NEVER regretted it. I found some of my best friends there. People that I simply clikced iwht in ways I had rarely done in previous classes. So when the time came to say goodbye to that class, and move on in life... I felt strange. I felt like I really was losing something. It wasn't pleasant.

Fastforward to today, and here I sit... finished with upper secondary school, our equivalent to college I guess. Once again I leave something behind me. But this time, I feel relieved. As I look back on these days gone by, I can see one trend, and that was that I was steadily growing more and more miserable. As it all dragged on I felt how everything became a dreary threadmill where nothing ever really changed, where life just became a dull, grey mass of uniform days and exams. And now, that is over. I'm supposed to find a job now. Now, I'm supposed to be an adult.

It feels good. It really does. It feels different, like a start of something or other. Don't know of what, but it's a change, something new. When I finished school, I used to think I'd always be afraid of the new. That leaving something would feel just as unpleasant as leaving school, and that I would never be able to just look forward to things, always living in the past. But it has not. There is nothing ahead of me now. No goal. No needs, except not being lazy. Nothing's beeing spoon-fed to me, but nothing's being forced upon me. My decision what happens next. I think they call it "life". I think I'm going to enjoy it.

That said, I'll try to be more social. Both in RL and on the Internet. Chat with people more often. Stop locking myself in my room and zone out after bashing my brain against never-ending studies. Try to have fun. No saying how it'll go, but. One can always try. One always does.

So, how YOU doin'?
Sunday, January 15th, 2006
10:01 pm
So then. Some time after Christmas, I had a visit by my grandmother on my mom's side. Funny woman, she is. She had been taking a new kind of medicine recently against... something. Don't remember what. Anyhow, she had a new medicine because the former one gave her head-aches, sore throat and hallucinations. The new one gave her head-aches, sore throat, but no hallucinations. Her point was that she felt it was a downgrade, because the pink spiders crawling on the roofs who suddenly turned into babies, also crawling on the roof, at least took her mind of the head-aches and her sore throat. Grandfather just had his regular face all dinner through. He does that from time to time, just sits there and stares. See, women on my moms side are like that. All of them. Grandmom is an avid horrormovie-liker, mom's sisters were the one's who ran away from home and got pregnant in their teens during the 1950's, all that. What you would call strong women. Ladies who don't take no shit. And my grand-father.... well, imagine Keitaro Urashima. I'm sure most of you have read Love Hina. A guy like that. He just wants to live in peace, have a nice life, take home the salary every week, try to appease those near him, you know, just live a nice quiet life. And then he meets Grandma, and heck if I know how, they get hitched. He is clumsy and apologetic, she is strongwilled and hotheaded, they have zany hijinks like the time they went to Italy and Granddad kept messing up at fancy Italian places and my mom accidentally got blessed by the then pope when she was in grandmoms stomach, to loud protests of course, and etc, etc.

And now they're in their mid-eighties, grandmom is just the same as she always was, and grandpa has learned to just sit there and be quiet and most things will work out. And I suppose it get's me thinking. About life, and how strange it sometimes turns out and how you can't really foretell what will come next, and about death. See, I get to thinking about dad's mom. She's dead now, but I remember her when she was alive. Jazzy lady, she was. Not as in your face as mom-mom, but more suave. Less about the smashing and more about the sassing. And I get to think of people past and people present, and life's general unpredictability...

And then my computer dies.

I think there's irony in there somewhere, but it's late over here and I can't be arsed to figure it out. Anyhow, it goes all BOMB! and we have to send it in. Que a long winters holiday with no computer. It is pain. And terror. And other things, oh yes it is. But hey, back now. Back in business. Back to writing in this here little thing when I should be doing the many new homeworks I have received on my first week in school. But then again, such is life. Snakes on a plane.

So, what has everyone else been up to lately?
Saturday, December 17th, 2005
2:31 am
For real now.
Seeing as how I could test myself for sins, I decided to simply do so. The results were, of course, expected.

Envy:Very Low

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on 4degreez.com

As one can plainly see, I am but a humble and caring man, with a penchant for sleeping into the later hours, and should there be someone who can provide.. reason for me staying down, I see no reason to be anxious for getting up... but those things apart, I am the typical shining major model of justice, goodness and pie. Lovely, yummy and soft pie, filled with berry goodness that make people happy. That's just me in a nutshell, though not a nut-pie: appealing crust on the outside and all soft, warm and moist on...

This day is the first one to mark my complete lack of schoolwork. For this entire semester I have had one small, menial task after another to do, and as soon as one is finished the next one comes a' knocking.. You know how it feels when there is always SOMETHING you have to do, but you can't figure out why any of it is important? For five months now I've gotten homework after homework, yet... I don't know if this is just the swedish school-system, but it seems as if none of the things I did mattered in the end. As if they were only distractions which didn't matter come the big finals, but because you never knew if they WOULD become important you did them anyway. But now, now at last it is over. I only have half a week of sitting on my ass and closing things up and then... blissful holidays. It will be good. And I shall sit infront of my computer, and I shall write meaningless things. Oh yes I will.

Current Mood: relieved
Thursday, December 15th, 2005
10:35 pm
I have now decided that, in order to truly celebrate my entrance to LJ, I should do something to convince LJ I mean it no harm. An act of submission before it's glory, lest I risk it's suspicion and ire. So of to conform I go!
Ten Random Statements about Ten Random People!

1. You? You're hot.
2. No, I mean it.
3. How do you go around without breaking mirrors who cannot possibly recreate your glorious visage?
4. You, on the other hand, is a total wackjob. Fuck you and die.
5. What? Fuck me? Man, fuck YOU.
6. Oh, so That's how it's gonna be huh?! Well, I never liked those buttless-pants of yours anyway, 'cause you look like-
B(_ Spiders, spider crawl and shit and go away, all just go aa-w-w-waayyyyyyuGiOh!
7. Shit, now you woke him up. You always do this. You always do this when your cranky because you're wearing the wrong color or you got stressing tests coming up, and then you go and try to stress ME out so I'll feel like shit and try to make you feel better since I'm AALWAYS the recessive one and that's what I do. But you know something? Not today. I'm not playing this game today, and I'm not playing it ever again. And I didn't hear you complain about my cheeks last night. Bitch.
8. ...That's because last night I was to busy doing your mom to point out your flaws.
9. Weak dude. Your mom is MY mom. Or something... what exactly am I doi-
10. And so, just as Mooonmans long repressed normal side was beginning to break through the personas implanted in him so that he may fit into normal society, after years of drug- and electroshock therapy-imposed imprisonment so that he would never speak off the horrible things they did to him, one of us got to the alarm button. A few thousand watts later, he's not so cocky anymore!^_^ Back in the saddle sure feels good I tell ya, so happy living and stay viewtiful and sparklyPLEASESOMEONEANYONEHELPMEI'll be riiight back.

Taken care of. Remember kids, electrical currents are your friends! ;)

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
3:45 pm
So, this is where all the peoples hang out, no?
Greetings then. I'm sure that, should there ever be such a phenomenon that people comment here, they will know who I am. Thus nobody get's any introduction. Poo on you I say.
Instead, let me extend a hand of friendship and something else I'm not sure about what it is, and say hello to all the others out htere on this fun little LJ-site we are on. Frankly however, I will probably rarely use this page, for my diary-fu is weak and smells of elderly dairy products. However, should I ever be stricken by the desire to be social and outgoing, I'll pop in here and lighten up you day with some helathy doses of my charming personality, winning smile and raging desire to violate and befoul everything you may hold pure and holy. Just a heads-up... or an invitation, depending on your preference... *growl*

So, yeah. Göran over and out.
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